Review: Must-try home-cooked meals with a heart from Every Ounce

There’s nothing like home-cooked meals.

Good thing, Every ounce is already sharing their specialties to the public.

Every Ounce only used to sell their specialty dishes to close friends during special occasions, but during the quarantine, they finally decided to satisfy the public's cravings.

1/2 of The Eatventurers has been a fan of their lasagna since it's one of the must-tries from their menu. 

It's still glorious as ever partnered with their garlic bread. Five slices of garlic bread cost P25 and we regret not ordering more. We swear the slices of garlic bread are truly delicious.

We also tried out their tub of siomai, affordable at P130 per dozen, which comes with a special sauce and chili garlic. The sauce is not your usual and every ounce of it is something that you'll crave for for you can't find it elsewhere. 

Although their dishes are homecooked, since they are served with love, the quality of the food are at par with restaurants and with generous servings. 

We are looking forward to try out their three-cheese lasagna as well.

Watch more of these appetizing comfort food here:

Overall Eatventurers' rating:

Every Ounce

Pick-up address: Malabon City

Facebook: Every Ounce
Instagram: @every.ounce

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meal was paid by The Eatventurers

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