Must-try: Sisig pizza! | Flying House at home

The Eatventurers tried out something new yesterday, it’s sisig-flavored pizza from Flying House. We were ordering ribeye steak when we stumbled upon the sisig pizza from their menu. 

Our curiosity brought us to order this pizza with a twist.

Fortunately, it didn't disappoint. The sisig came with egg at the center and it surprisingly went well with the thin-crust black dough. It also had a hint of spice---just the right amount. For those who like it hotter, Flying House also provided us with three packets of hot sauce.

Priced at P300, we consider this one of Flying House's must-tries.

Aside from the unique Filipino pizza, we also tried ribeye steak with mashed potato, medium-cooked. 

This main course, worth P500, is being served on a tub for take-out or delivery and already comes with free gravy and chimichurri. The gravy was placed on a small container while the chimichurri was spread on the steak.

The steak was tender although we'd like to try it in medium rare next time. We also failed to eat it immediately but it's still good as it is. You can request the doneness of your steak upon ordering. 

How to order

You can place your order via Flying House's site: Upon logging in, you will receive a confirmation. Should you experience problem while ordering, Flying House staff are very responsive on Facebook.

They will also be the one booking the delivery service for you.

Overall Eatventurers' rating: 4/5

Flying House

Address: 10 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook: Flying House
Instagram: @flyinghouseresto

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meal was paid by The Eatventurers

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