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Take a peek: First book café near Taft serves Fil-Mex dishes

There is a growing Fil-Mex restaurant in town - and it is also a book cafe! Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book Cafe

Introducing: A simple burger joint in the outskirts of Quiapo

If you’re already used to eating on commercialized burgers, The Eatventurers will introduce you to a not yet famous burger joint that can compete with mainstream ones. Bluegreen-colored buns

Review: 1010 Bistro gives you Paris-feels at an affordable price

Looking for a new date place or just want to hang out with friends? Check out 1010 Bistro. We found this Paris-inspired place a week ago  —  only a few steps away from Hotel Benilde. 1010 Bistro might appear to be slightly intimidating and shady. This is because it does not have any signage except for a noticeable cardboard menu of smoothies and frappes. However, when you enter their place and see their menu, you'll be surprised to know what they offer. This will give you Paris feels  (Photo from 1010 bistro)