Review: 1010 Bistro gives you Paris-feels at an affordable price

Looking for a new date place or just want to hang out with friends? Check out 1010 Bistro.

We found this Paris-inspired place a week ago  only a few steps away from Hotel Benilde.

1010 Bistro might appear to be slightly intimidating and shady. This is because it does not have any signage except for a noticeable cardboard menu of smoothies and frappes. However, when you enter their place and see their menu, you'll be surprised to know what they offer.

This will give you Paris feels  (Photo from 1010 bistro)

Is it a restaurant?

Miguel had seen this place late 2016 but he was not sure if it was a restaurant, a house or an art studio, since it doesn’t have a traditional signage - only a spray-painted name. However, during our visit, we learned that 1010 Bistro has been operating since October 2016.

It is owned by veterans in the food and beverage industry including Sir Gerry and Ms. Apple.

Sir Gerry is a bar and beverage specialist, who is a former full-time faculty member of the DLS-CSB SHRIM. He currently teaches at the University of the Philippines –Diliman and University of Santo Tomas as well as TESDA. On the other hand, Ms. Apple also rendered service in the culinary and hospitality industry for years.

The bistro's concept was inspired by Sir Gerry's travels in Paris. Its decors came straight from France.  While their playlist feature French music. You may also notice the liquor collection of the owner as well as the unique fixtures once you enter the establishment

Notice the Adam and Eve painting
More liquor and glasses

More French designs

The backdrop was personalized by a muralist. The place can house approximately 20 people

Even the restroom has Sigmund Freud art decor!

Asked why they removed their spray-painted name outside, Sir Gerry said it was misunderstood as dirt instead of graffiti art. He also wanted their bistro to surprise people. He said it is the usual set-up in Paris and he wanted to maintain the authenticity of the place with intimate and intricate details as much as possible.

Sir Gerry even wants his guests to enjoy a good old conversation inside and not dwell on their gadgets.

Eiffel Tower appears during closing time

Food and Price

What’s in their menu?  Variety of Filipino and European fusion-cuisine - student-priced! For those who have allergies, no worries as their menu indicates main ingredients.

For food, they offer appetizers (P90 to P135), sandwiches (P85 to P230), pastas (P130 to P140), rice meals (P85 to P105), 1010 specials dubbed "Plato ni Leonardo"  (P175 to P235), and flaming desserts (P55 to P75). 

For drinks, they offer "My Paris Originals" or their signature mocktails (P50 to P65), frappes (P55), smoothies (P65), chilled juices (P35 to P65), carbonated drinks (P45), hot drinks (P45) and hot latte (P55).

Given the quality, we can say that it is indeed budget-friendly! Too bad for liquor drinkers though, they do not offer alcoholic beverages as it is within a school perimeter.

We ordered Da Vinci Pork (185) Pork stew with ginger, celery sesame oil carrots and chili rice slowly cooked to perfection as well as their yummy fish and fries partnered with their homemade sauces (P140).  To pair the meals with, we ordered La amore, one of their best-selling mocktails priced at P50.

The pork is very tender. It is evident that it was slowly cooked for a long period of time. It has a little bit of spiciness but it doesn't burn your mouth. Sabi nga namin, lasang mahal. It also comes with a side of veggies (corn, carrots, peas combo).

Da Vinci Pork
The fish, on the other hand, has a light batter. It is crunchy on the outside yet soft and moist on the inside. They use dory fish for this one, a relatively huge portion to be exact. It comes with either fries or rice, depending on your preference.

Being potato-eaters, we chose fries. There was something special about their fries, distinct from the usual fast food and grocery fries.

Fish and Fries
On the table, there are homemade sauces: garlic aioli, honey mustard, and ketchup. The Eatventurers' favorite is their garlic aioli. They make them fresh everyday! Be mindful about sanitation though. Use the teaspoons given to you and do not double dip! 

Homemade sauces

Do not double dip :D
Say hello to their mocktail! The Eatventurers loved this one too. It is a blend of apple, mango, grenadine, and sweetener. They use Monin, an imported brand from France, as additional flavoring, so if you are looking for a drink that would stimulate your palate, better try this one.

La Amore


We heard their Monte Cristo sandwich (Ingredients: ham, cheese, chicken bits, honey mustard mayo, egg, bread crumbs) is one of their best-sellers. We'll try that next time.


The owners are very accommodating. We were given complimentary drinks of coffee jelly (P55) and buko shake with sprinkles (not on the menu). We were already full but they offered and we were grateful for it. Masarap sila! And for the price, you will surely get value for your money.

As a bonus, we learned a lot from Sir Gerry’s anecdotes from Paris tours as well as his knowledge on beverages. Both owners are also very hands-on with their guests. Sir Gerry sees to it that he is present during operating hours.

Of course, 1010 Bistro would not be complete without their friendly bartender, Josh. He already joined several flair bartending competitions and can also cook. In fact, he does the fillings for some of the appetizers and meals.

Kudos for a great concept!

Overall Eatventurers' rating: 4/5

1010 Bistro

Location: 1010 Estrada Street, Singalong, Malate, Manila
Operating hours: 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday
Facebook: 1010 Bistro 

***Disclosure: Not a sponsored post, only complimentary drinks mentioned were sponsored, Meals were paid by The Eatventurers


  1. Thank you for the heartwarming blog Ms. ROSETTE and Mr. MIGUEL. Your next visit is on us!


    1. You are welcome, we only wrote what we've observed. Thank you, as well!

  2. This is not in NYC though but thanks!


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