Dining indulgence at Cowrie Grill

Sometimes, the occasion calls for you to indulge in the finer things in life – and what better to splurge on than an unforgettable meal?

Paying homage to its former home with old world opulence, The Manila Hotel-managed Cowrie Grill delights guests by offering the choicest selection of meats and seafood.
Fine dining goes one step further at Cowrie Grill. It is a gem of a restaurant located at Promenade 3 Mall, Greenhills on Missouri Street.

This used to be an in-house restaurant in The Manila Hotel but had to be transferred to San Juan in 1993 to give way to the famed Café Ilang-Ilang.

It caters best to families and friends looking for a good intimate fine-dining place to relax and have a good meal after work or shopping

Cowrie Grill is upscale and impressive, coupled with warm service reserved for VIP guests like you. Explore our distinctively flavored steaks handcrafted by our chefs, as well as tantalizing menu that includes main entrees, appetizers, healthy greens, and desserts!

As a start, go for the French Onion Soup, or try the Maitre D’ Caesar Salad – freshly prepared greens with crunch from romaine lettuce, croutons, generously drizzled in olive oil, cheese and bacon complemented by the sweet and zesty Caesar salad dressing. Pair it with the flavorful pan-seared scallops on mushroom risotto.

Menu standouts here are the Surf and Turf set duo of Pitik Lobster Thermidor [fresh slipper lobster] and US Angus Beef Tenderloin with baked garlic and garden vegetables. 

Go for US Angus Beef Rib or the US Angus Chateaubriand that are seasoned and grilled to perfection. Complement this with any of Cowrie Grill’s fine selection of red wines. 

You also have a choice of a generous serving of certified Angus Beef Tomahawk [best shared by two].

When it comes to the food, Cowrie Grill is a great place to go for variety. 

Aside from meat cooked to perfection, the seafood is much more than an afterthought. Pescatarians will enjoy our mouth-watering sweet and silky Chilean Sea Bass, or the Grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak.

You must also try other good choices like the Symphony of Scallops, Baked Oysters, Iberico pork loin, and Angus Beef Burger.

An excellent ending to your hearty meal is our Chuao Chocolate Gateau, a rich four-layered cake served with Crème Anglaise. 

Then, there’s the crowd favorite, Baked Alaska, with its perfectly browned meringue, flambéed with brandy, mouthwatering moist sponge cake with strawberry ice cream in the middle, and layers of different textures and flavors all in one bite.


With scrumptious food and impeccable service, Cowrie Grill’s guaranteed to impress. 

For table reservations, please call (02) 84631993 or email r.cowriegrill@themanilahotel.com



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