Review: Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

“Smoked goodness” is what this restaurant called “Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse” do best.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, which can be found in UP Town Center, Katipunan, offers quality smoked meat.

Review: Best lugaw in town, Lugawan sa Tejeros

Lugaw or rice porridge is one of TheEatventurers’ favorite comfort food. It doesn’t cost much, yet it is very filling. Some are exquisitely delicious which makes it a bang for your buck.

No wonder, it was used in the idiom"tubong lugaw" which means with small capital, there is a large return.

Lugaw is Chinese in origin. It is very easy to digest, which makes it a perfect dish for people under the weather. It has different variations, from goto to arrozcaldo, to whatever toppings you desire. It is the cousin of your favorite risotto.

In a small place in Makati, The Eatventurers discovered a restaurant packed with people of all social status. You guessed it! We are talking about Lugawan sa Tejeros also known as "LST."

Review: There is something ‘Between the Buns’

Malabon is known for its pancit and sweet delicacies such as pichi pichi and kakanin but it is also becoming a food trippers’ haven with several food establishments mushrooming in the area.

Among Malabon’s famous restaurants is the floating restaurant, Balsa sa Niugan. It now houses a cafe called Kapihan sa Balsa where Between the Buns, a joint that offers comfort food, is also being housed.

The Eatventurers tried out Between the Buns last month and here’s our review.

Underrated: Fritcone’s P40 Graham Fruit Chill goodness

Did you miss Mr. Sun?

The past few weeks have been rainy and so seeing sunshine was such a rare thing, but how do we enjoy this hot weather?

The Eatventurers discovered Frit Cone’s stall in 2016 but it was only this year that we tried their Graham Fruit Chill.