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Review: Ooma’s modern take on Japanese cuisine

Treat yourself this payday! Enjoy a modern take on Japanese Cuisine managed by no other than The Moments Group. We are talking about Ooma.

Beating the heat with Chatime's Sunset Obsession

Since it is already what Filipinos call "summer," The Eatventurers tried to look for thirst-quenchers worth less than a hundred and came across Chatime's Sunset Obsession. What's good, Chatime?

Holy Week breakfast stop: Cafeño in Batangas

Ala eh! If you happen to be in Batangas this summer or Lenten Season, stop by this antique-inspired cafe standing in a century-old Spanish home, Cafeño.  It is only a short drive away from your favorite beaches in Laiya!

Review: Entering, eating inside ‘The Rabbit Hole’

After a long, tiring day of work, one can head out to The Rabbit Hole. No, we are not talking about Wonderland or you going crazy. We are talking about this hip restaurant located in Makati City.