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What's inside The Corner Market Food Hall?

Not many of you know that The Podium mall recently renovated and opened several shops and food establishments. Among the new establishments to look forward to in the new Podium is the Corner Market Food Hall. The Corner Market is not your usual food court as it is the first indoor farmer's market that also cater to your gastronomic eatventures.

Battle of the Supreme: Team Pineapple vs. Team Anti-Pineapple

“Pineapples on a pizza?” is one of the age-old most controversial food-related argument. It also becomes a subject for an internet debate, as vocal critics and supporters made memes and various posts which have taken both sides.

Review: One of Binondo’s prized gems, Sincerity Café and Restaurant

When visiting the Binondo area or the nearby Divisoria, eating at the decades-old Sincerity Restaurant and Café is a must. Established in 1956 by the Uy family, it is one of the oldest food establishments catering the Chinese-Filipino community.