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The Manila Hotel's Red Jade Restaurant reopens

The Manila Hotel’s stunning Red Jade restaurant, which specializes in authentic Chinese dishes, reopened last June 10. After a hiatus, Red Jade once again welcomes diners with not just crowd pleasers and best-selling dishes, but an expanded menu selection. Diners can expect to explore a menu of traditional Chinese dishes prepared with a modern flair along with nods to other regional cuisines of China. The historic Manila Hotel’s local and foreign clientele who have either dined in its main hall or booked its function rooms for private gatherings know that Red Jade is famed for food prepared with time-honored cooking techniques, premium ingredients, and uncompromising quality. Diners have long celebrated the famed Red Jade’s Imperial Peking Duck, which takes hours to prepare and is expertly carved for patrons. Dim sum lovers can enjoy a wide selection of items, among them the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling “Har Gao,” Crispy-Fried Shrimp Stuffed with Cheese, and Pan-Fried Radish Cake “Bi Feng T