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Drinking Durian: Blugré Coffee brings Davao to BGC

Blugré Coffee was established in 1998 in Davao, Philippines. It is one of the famous cafes in the city, known for incorporating one of the local fruits, Durian, in their coffee.  Durian and cream

Korean eats: Finely shaved Snowboom Dessert Cafe’s Bingsu

Ever since there was a Korean craze in Manila, people got to recognize the Korean culture including its food and famed desserts.  Among the most popular desserts which reached the Philippine soil aside from Korean ice creams are Bingsu, sometimes spelled here as “bingsoo.” Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings like chocolates, fruits, and beans, served in a bowl. Milk and other flavorings serve as its syrup. It is similar to our very own Halo-halo. In the neighborhood of Taft Avenue, The Eatventurers discovered a hangout place which mainly offers Bingsu. It is called “Snowboom Dessert Cafe.”

Worth a visit: New air-conditioned indoor food park in Quezon City

There is a new food park in Quezon City and it's not your usual for it is located indoors, roofed, air-conditioned, and has WiFi for its guests. Lovecraft Food Park has only been operating for a few months. We love this painting!

#GreenbeltEats: Restaurant inspired by a classic 1994 film

There's definitely a reason why Bubba Gump has been in Greenbelt for years. The Eatventurers tried it for the first time and we had an idea why. Flip to "Run Forrest Run" for orders and flip to "Stop Forrest Stop" when done ordering