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Review: Sebastian’s Rainbow grilled cheese

Sebastian’s Ice cream is usually known for their cold treats and dessert offerings but last year this local brand also introduced an additional snack to its menu. The local ice cream brand gave the well-loved comfort food, grilled cheese, a twist and had its cheese in rainbow colors. The Rainbow Grilled Cheese was launched last year during the Metro Manila Pride celebration last year to show support for the LGBT community.

Review: KFC's Chaco

No shell, all chicken taco = Chaco KFC is known for creating one-of-a kind chicken dishes that are most of the time frowned upon and odd for traditional and casual fast food diners. After the return of KFC’s Double Down and Famous Bowl, it launched Chaco— a dish we admittedly found weird. It’s been a month since Chaco was launched. By now, some of you may have already tried this but we still feel like sharing our thoughts about this newest chicken innovation.