P99-worth Authentic ramen at Kyukyu Ramen 99

The Eatventurers found an affordable ramen place in Quezon City.

You can get a bowl of authentic Japanese ramen for as low as P99 at Kyukyu Ramen 99 located at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf in Balintawak, Quezon City.

This place sells authentic ramen for a very budget-friendly price of P200 and below.

We already dined here a couple of times already and we're still pleased with our orders since they were very affordable and tasted like authentic Japanese ramens.

When we try out low-priced ramen, we usually rate it with its noodles and broth. Most of the time cheaper ramens are too salty and taste inauthentic with artificial broth and noodles. Fortunately, Kyukyu Ramen 99 is nothing like those.

The noodles seemed to be sourced from Japan and don’t resemble instant ones. Its pork slabs may not be as lean as those at expensive ramen places but they taste alright.

Diners can also watch how ramen is being prepared since they have an open kitchen adjacent your Japanese-themed tables.

They also offer rice bowls: Chicken teriyaki (P99) and Beef gyudon (P159) as well as four-piece side dish gyoza for P69.

For dessert, Kyukyu Ramen 99 also follows its Japanese theme and offers Matcha Ice Cream with Red Bean (P59) and Matcha Ice Cream with Black Jelly (P59)/

The place is quite small but it can accommodate around 20 people. We loved how it's simple yet it still incorporated the Japanese theme complete with anime-inspired wall designs inside.

This video is part of our below P500 series.

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Overall Eatventurers' rating: 5/5

Kyukyu Ramen 99

Fourth Level, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Operating hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Facebook: Kyukyu Ramen 99
Instagram: @kyukyuramen99
E-mail: kyukyuramenph@gmail.com

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meals were paid by The Eatventurers

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