Feature: Chef Jasper Versoza and his tasteful pursuit of culinary excellence

Born for the kitchen

Growing up in a family with a strong passion for food and a catering business, it was easy for Chef Jasper Versoza to figure out his dream. 

When he was a kid, the smell of freshly cooked dishes was giving him a different kind of excitement. His appetite for excellence, however, motivated him to learn more. He knew he could only find it outside their home kitchen.

"I knew I wanted to cook since I can remember. But I wanted more than that. It has always been my desire to give unique twists to dishes and make food experience more satisfying," Chef Jasper Versoza, Executive Chef of Josiah’s Catering said.

Chef Jasper has always been hungry for new knowledge. He believes that continuous learning is essential to success and important to offer something original to foodies

Chef Jasper explores a hawker in Singapore
Despite his exposure to their catering business, he strived to broaden his experience and refine his culinary and entrepreneurial skills at the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila.

"I had to get the best training I could to become the professional chef I have always dreamed of – innovative and explorative. The journey was tough, but it’s all worth it. I have learned a lot about culinary in both theory and practice. Most importantly, I was able to apply everything I have learned in our catering business," Chef Jasper shared.

True enough, his education enabled him to improve the quality of service of Josiah's Catering by adopting the latest food and catering equipment as well as following the best practices in culinary arts. 

Chef Jasper, however, believes that learning shouldn't stop there. He must explore beyond the kitchen and the classroom. So, he goes to places.

Exploring Food from Different Places and Taking Inspirations

For Chef Jasper, food and geography arerelatedto each other. So, he explores places – both local and international – to taste what each destination has to offer.

"If I want to innovate and serve new food experiences, I have to get out of the kitchen and travel find inspirations. Different places offer different tastes. It's up for you to find it," Chef Jasper explained.

Chef Jasper is headed to Junior's Cheesecake in NYC
When he travels, Chef Jasper looks for new inspirations, which he applies to his food creations as part of his desire to innovate. He does not only explore food and cuisines, but he also immerses in different cultures to gain new ideas he can mix with his food and restaurant concepts. 

He added, “The amount of inspirations and knowledge you can acquire by traveling is amazing. Each time I visit a destination, I make sure that I take home new ideas to experiment on.”

Through his relentless explorations of culinary experiences, Chef Jasper and his siblings were able to introduce innovative restaurant concepts that offer unique gastronomic experiences. 

Versoza family having lunch while on a boat ride in Vietnam

One of which is the newly launched Sartin at Summit Ridge Tagaytay. It gives Filipino cuisine a unique twist that’s perfect to complement the cool weather in Tagaytay. 

It is also the company’s first venture into food and business operations management through its subsidiary Josiah’s Hospitality Management, which is focused on hotels management and food and beverage operations for hotels and resorts.  

Another popular restaurant is Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse – a Southern USA-inspired smokehouse and barbecue restaurant that serves perfectly smoked pork ribs, smoked beef brisket, smoked wings and more. It now has branches in Marikina City and at UP Town Center in Katipunan, Quezon City.

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Today, Chef Jasper is responsible for the research and development of Josiah’s Catering and its branches of concept restaurant. He makes sure that the quality of food they offer remains world-class and carries the signature taste of Josiah’s.

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"Together with my siblings, we are expanding the Josiah’s brand with more distinct restaurant concepts that promise a gastronomic experience that is rewarding and world-class,” Chef Jasper said.

To know more about Josiah’s Catering, visit their website < www.josiahcatering.com > or call (+632) 475-2703.

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