Underrated: Fritcone’s P40 Graham Fruit Chill goodness

Did you miss Mr. Sun?

The past few weeks have been rainy and so seeing sunshine was such a rare thing, but how do we enjoy this hot weather?

The Eatventurers discovered Frit Cone’s stall in 2016 but it was only this year that we tried their Graham Fruit Chill.

We ordered Frit Cone’s Mango Graham Fruit Chill and was surprised by it. For only P40 pesos, we were in for a 16 oz. of sweet treat. 

Mangoes and graham go well together.

The Mango Graham Fruit Chill is the crossover of a shake, a ref cake, and ice cream.

Basically, it is a shake eaten like a sundae on a cup with the mango graham refrigerator cake flavor.

Graham Fruit Chill is sweetened by condensed milk. We really loved it! However, it would be nice if they also mixed the condensed milk with the shake itself because the sweetness of the topped condensed milk isn’t evenly distributed.

Frit Cone also offer Graham Fruit Chill in various flavors such as strawberry, oreo, choco-hazelnut, strawberry, Koko Krunch, Sweetcorns and Lychee. They also do not just sell shakes but also other finger foods, which we have yet to try.

Frit cone have several branches in the metro but we tried the one in Harrizon Plaza. Other branches are located in: Ateneo de Manila Grade and High school canteens, Miriam College canteen, Claret School of Quezon City, De La Salle Lipa High School and College canteens, Don Antonio QC, and in Darasa, Tanauan City Batangas

Check them out soon and try their underrated Graham Fruit Chill.

Made in Belgium

Harrison Plaza stall

Overall Eatventurers’ rating: 5/5

Frit Cone

SM Harrison plaza (across Ace hardware ground floor)
Contact details: info@fritcone.com
Facebook: Frit Cone
Instagram: Frit Cone
Twitter: Frit Cone
Website: Frit Cone

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meals were paid by The Eatventurers


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