Introducing: Edgy cafe called 'Black Lightning'

Say hello to this new cafe-restaurant in town! A must-try for people who wants something new near DLSU, DLS-CSB, or St. Scholastica.

Black Lightning Cafe is located in Singalong street, just walking distance from Hotel Benilde. From Hotel Benilde, turn right in Singalong. It is quite hidden as foot traffic isn't too high. Perhaps a signage on the corner of the street would help.

Black Lightning logo
The place although concealed, is very original. They have art decorations on the wall which appear to be a collection of vintage stuff of the owner.

If you've tried dining in the dark, this one will give you that feeling too. It's not complete darkness but be warned that Black Lightning has dim lighting.


Food, Price, and Recommendation

The cafe's food and drinks offerings' prices range from P20 to P150. It is indeed affordable for students.

The Eatventurers ordered Asian Nachos (P130) as an appetizer, BBQ Buffalo Wings (P110), and Spanish Sardines Tempura (P120) for our main course.

Their Asian Nachos plate is a must-try, good for sharing. This isn't your typical nachos. They use fried wantons. They serve it with pork toppings (ground pork, cucumber, tomatoes, onions) and a special dip - sweet and sour sauce.

Every bite is refreshing because of the vegetables stimulating the palate with their sauce.

The Spanish Sardines Tempura isn't new but it is also not common among restaurants. It clicks well with their sauce. It is also served with two small eggs. You have an option if you want it sunny-side up or scrambled.

Last, but definitely not the least, is their BBQ Buffalo Wings.

The wings are still juicy and it is perfectly coated with their sauce. A depth of flavor and texture is added by the sesame seeds. We didn't like the drizzle of mayo on the side though.


Food took about 20 minutes to be served but the servers were polite and smiling so we didn't bother too much.

Overall, this restaurant was surprising. It looked really nice from the outside with dim-lighting. We would like to suggest to remove the computers in front and dust the place better. Owners seemed to enjoy opening this place. It is evident in their food.

Black Lightning is not well advertised as well so we don't know its operation hours and it does not have any social media account but through Facebook check we learned that it is family owned.

Definitely visit this place for a unique dining experience!

Overall Eatventurers' Rating: 3/5

Black Lightning Cafe

No. 2456 Singalong Street, Manila, Philippines

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meals were paid for by The Eatventurers

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  2. Delicious! Wanna eat everything ! Decoration in restaurant is also amazing, Keep going ! picta


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