Review: French-Japanese cafe Le Petit Souffle surprises

You might want to chill at French-Japanese cafe, Le Petit Souffle.

When translated "Le Petit" means "The Little" in French.

This cafe is the brainchild of Chef Miko Aspiras and other partners Kristine Lotilla and Chef Noel Mauricio.

Le Petit Souffle cafe is a perfect place for meeting friends and dating your loved ones.

Food, Price, Recommendation

Le Petit Souffle is known for their infusion of Souffle to their dishes. They are also popular for their desserts.

The Eatventurers ordered Kinoki Frites (P235) as an appetizer, Japanese Beef Curry (P495)  for main, and Valrhona Guanaja (P250) for our dessert.

The Kinoki Frites was good, but not so good. It is really nice to have some deep fried mushrooms. Everything is great fried isn't it? However, it was a little bit bitter. It wasn't burned, but it has some burnt taste to it. It would also seem that they were using old oil due to the frites' smell and taste. They are not cleaning their oil properly. The mayo-based sauce was also nothing special. Honestly, we we're expecting more from it.

The Japanese Beef Curry Souffle on the other hand, tastes really good. However, we feel that it was too overpriced.

 We only saw few strips of beef. We also saw a huge chunk of chewy undesirable fat, which is something customers shouldn't expect when paying for their price. The souffle was excellent though, the brownish color was very appealing. There was also something off with the taste of their carrots but we didn't mind.

Last, but definitely not the least, is their Valhrona Guanaja Classic Souffle with Vanilla Creme Anglaise.

Even though it was a little bit pricey, it didn't disappoint. It was their highly recommended dessert and was the highlight of our meal. The Eatventurers would describe it as "brownie with a souffle texture." Valhrona guanaja is a bittersweet and elegant dark chocolate. It is made of 70 percent cocoa.

Overall, the Eatventurers enjoyed their meal. The food was just too expensive. The ambiance was nice, and they offer free wifi and they also have sockets for those people looking for study or working spots.

They recently opened a new branch in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Overall Eatventurers' Rating: 3/5

Le Petit Souffle

Third Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Contact No.: 0917 841 8032
Facebook: Le Petit Souffle
Instagram: @lepetitsouffle

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meals were paid for by The Eatventurers

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  1. Didn't know there's a fusion resto around Poblacion?! Mapuntahan nga!

    1. Yes, we'd look for other fusion restos around the area.

  2. gusto ko talaga itry dito. thanks for the review!

  3. Probably the hardest thing to arrange in a surprise birthday party is the surprising part.


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