#FlashbackFriday: Our first and last dining experience at Wrong Ramen

Just sharing our first and last dining experience at Wrong Ramen since it closed its doors yesterday, May 30. 

This ramen concept store by Lowbrow Casual restaurants may have taken a bow but we will always remember our first and only dining experience in 2016. 

During that visit, we were clueless on what to order because we came there without expectations. We just wanted ramen. 

We didn’t know then that they dubbed their ramen as “ Manila’s worst ramen.” 

We did not even know their “inauthentic” branding and that’s what made our experience genuine because our expectations are set blankly. 

“People often ask what makes our ramen ‘wrong.’ Aside from the pork fat, we serve the only non-authentic, proudly local ramen in Manila. Don't get us wrong, we love authentic Japanese ramen. But what made authentic Japanese ramen great in the first place, an obsession for tradition handed down from generation to generation, is also keeping it from moving forward -- they're all starting to taste the same. We're here to make sure that does not happen,” the menu read. 

Since we were clueless, we sought help from the servers and we were recommended to try out their Tantanmen (P425) and so we did. 

We didn’t feel anything was wrong with the ramen but we enjoyed it because the broth was flavorful and the noodles were cooked just right. The server said it’s a go-to for those who don’t like spicy ramen. 

It had sesame notes, got minced chashu, peanuts and onions in it. 

The serving was generous and it could pass as a bowl for sharing. 

We heard that the Communist and FU ramen were good too. Too bad we can no longer try them. 

We also ordered the following from their small plates offerings: 

Chashu Rice Rolls (P150) – This is our favorite because we love fresh spring rolls and this is a different take. It has minced chashu wrapped in rice paper and got calamansi ponzu giving citrus notes. 

Chicken Akuma (P280) - Described as crispy boneless chicken thigh with house buffalo sauce. Man, the sauce was extraordinary. It complements the crispy breading of the chicken so well. 

Red Cow Tamagoyaki (P280) - It is an egg or tamago roll with corned beef and shiitake or mushroom. It was partnered by fish sauce teriyaki glaze. The taste was not remarkable but it is something to try if you’d like something new. 

We loved everything we ordered. The restaurant was good at downplaying its offerings for it impressed us a lot. The selection and names of food was well thought of.

Although the food were pricey for single dining, we believed that they were reasonably priced considering its location and servings. 

The two-storey restaurant was nothing like the usual ramen places we’ve been to. There was no hint of anything Japanese and that’s the beauty of it. 

Wrong Ramen even felt like an intimate American dining area with 30-seating capacity because of its interiors. 

It was artsy yet simple and it screamed puns and witty banters all over. The pick-up lines didn’t hurt either. 

We love its low lighting and the frames displayed inside. The sense of humor and non-conformist theme combination did a good job at enticing us. 

And of course, its restroom was unforgettable because it was named “Poop Room.” We adore how down to the minor details like that they maintained their sense of humor. 

We may have only tried Wrong Ramen once but we will surely miss this innovative concept restaurant. 

Just like what Mendokoro said, “even if the empty space Wrong Ramen will leave in Burgos Circle might soon be replaced, it will leave a permanent void in our hearts and in the industry.” 

“For the only Wrong thing you ever did was to bid us goodbye.”

Until the next wrong eatventure.

Overall Eatventurers' rating: 5/5

Wrong Ramen

Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meals were paid by The Eatventurers


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