Review: WooSarap MNL's Baked Samgyup

So you've probably tried out the quarantine food trend "baked sushi" but have you tried out another baked quarantine trend "baked samgyup?"

We recently did and here's our take.

Like the baked sushi, baked samgyup is served on a tray and is also like a deconstructed sushi that comes with nori wraps.

It’s comprised of bed of rice—sometimes kimchi rice, meat of either of the two variants: pork belly (samgyeopsal or samgyup) or beef belly (woo samgyeop or samgyup), a layer of cheese sauce and nori and sesame seeds toppings.

Two weeks ago, The Eatventurers ordered this much talked about baked samgyup from WooSarap MNL.

A woosarap tray that's good for four to five people is worth P450. This already comes with two packs of seaweed wraps or nori wraps.

How to order

WooSarap MNL is located in Marikina. It took us two tries before we got to order from WooSarap MNL because their slots are usually full. We made our inquiry via their Instagram account.

When our order was accepted, we were asked to choose our preferred schedule of pick-up either (M-W-F Sun or T-TH-Sat with a the following timeslot: 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.

We were assured that they make the orders on the same day "fresh and warm."

Note that you have to book your own rider from Lalamove, Grab or Mr. Speedy, preferably with insulated box.

We are from the north but our orders arrived on time (at least less than an hour) via Mr. Speedy. The delivery cost was also cheaper than other couriers.


Our order was placed on a warm food aluminum foil container and we were satisfied that for a price of P450, it's already good for sharing. Most sushi bake costs P400 above for small tray. The WooSarap tray is of the same size of large trays of sushi bake with price ranging from P700 above.

This review should have been more visual with video but we lost the clips from our shoot. Luckily, we still managed to retrieve some photos.

For the taste, WooSarap MNL's baked samgyup did not disappoint. It feels like we are really eating the usual woo samgyup. Their version is topped with crunchy garlic and nori and they also used kimchi rice, making it flavorful with a tinge of smoky aroma.

It has a right balance of sweet and spicy making it a party in our mouths.

We were also surprised that they were very generous with meat strips. It felt like we went on a K-BBQ house, only, they placed our order on a tray.

We can say that baked samgyup can line up to the list of the comfort food we will be craving on from time to time. The taste is just exceptional, but don't forget to share it to your loved ones to make the eating experience even more meaningful.

The Eatventurers definitely recommends WooSarap Tray and we're not kidding if you'll find yourself saying "woo sarap!" while eating it.

Overall Eatventurers' rating: 5/5

WooSarap MNL

Pick-up address: Radiant Textile Santan, Marikina City

Facebook: WooSarap MNL
Instagram: @woosarapmnl

***Disclosure: Not sponsored. Meal was paid by The Eatventurers

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