New chef, sexy food at Tomatito

Have you tried a food that explodes in your mouth? 

At Tomatito, a sexy tapas bar in BGC, some of the dishes are literally named after explosives such as TNT and bombs. These finger foods also literally explode in your mouth when you try them.

Some are topped with raw tuna or salmon or thin slices of ham. They have been on the menu for a while now.

If you are curious how they look like and how they taste, we captured our exploding experience in a video feature.

Tomatito recently launched new selection of Spanish dishes, heralding the flavors that the sexy tapas bar is known for. These are introduced by 30-year-old Madrid-born chef Ivan Hernandez who now heads the Tomatito kitchen.

Fernandez, who previously served as a sous chef at the main branch of Tomatito in Shanghai, said he would bring in his knowledge on Spanish food as well as his patented experience from the home of Tomatito in China.

You can catch him unravel his culinary expertise at the open kitchen in Tomatito.

Let’s us take a peek at the new dishes Fernandez introduced which are guaranteed to delight guests:

Our personal favorites are: Salmon TNT, Paella de Mole and Chocolate Marquise.

The burst of flavors from the Salmon TNT was just unexplainable while the Paella de Mole de Mexicano or the chicken paella with a Mexican twist is satisfying even with few toppings.

Meanwhile, a good way to cap off the Tomatito sexy food experience is with the Chocolate Marquise or the semi-frozen dark chocolate mousse with warm salty caramel and Bailey’s ice cream. It is hot and cold yet gives another sultry melting experience in every bite.


BGC Corporate Center, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Facebook:  Tomatito Manila
Instagram: @tomatitomanila

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