#EndGame foodtrip: Where to get shawarma ala Avengers

Yes, today is the day!

Although we’re still not ready for “Avengers: Endgame,” the day has come and so as tribute to one of our favorite super hero film series, let’s look back on that iconic end credit scene.

The post-credit clip is from “The Avengers” shown in April 2012, the first of the four sequels. In this scene, the Avengers just finished a battle in New York and they decided to celebrate by munching on pitas at Tony Stark’s favorite shawarma place in the Big Apple. 

Legends only, right? 

In true Avengers fashion, we listed down some of the Shawarma places in Metro Manila where you can also grab those meaty pita wraps before or after you indulge on watching the Endgame. 

The Halal guys was supposed to be the top on our list because it was the closest to New York we could get and they offer chicken and beef gyro sandwiches, but they recently closed their Manila branches. 

Fret not though, we still have Middle Eastern food gems in here ( listed in no particular order):

Shawarma Snack Center

Photo from Shawarma Snack Center Facebook (2013)

Shawa Wama

Boy Shawarma


Shawarma Shack


Mister Kabab


Uncle Moe’s


Shawarma Bros

Beiruti Bite Express

Khaleb Shawarmma 

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